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CEE 291 Problem Solving Using Computer Tools Homework 5: Matlab Assigned: 2/15/2010 Due: 2/22/2010 5:00pm in the ECOW2 drop box and in class on Monday. 1.) This problem assumes you are familiar with the background information given in hmwk 2 #1. Given the two governing equations for steady, one dimensional concentration of waste (L) and Oxygen Deficit (D) are given below. In this problem, we would like to write a function that numerically integrates these equations and then use this function in a program that optimizes the location of treatment plants given an initial set of conditions. Governing Equations L k x L U r - = ) ( L k D k x D U d a - - = Analytical Solution U x k r e L L - = 0 - - + = - - - U x k U x k r a d U x k a r a e e k k L k e D D 0 0 Numerical Technique We will use the Euler explicit forward difference method to numerically integrate our governing equations. Forward difference means we use dependant variable values at the previous step to approximate the value at the current stop. In our case, we will use L and D at the previous x location to calculate L and D at the next x location. This procedure is commonly written as:
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1 1 - - + - = - = i i r i r L x U L k L U L k x L 1 1 1 - - - + - - = i i d i a i D U L k D k x D NOTE: *The subscript “i” represents the current x location and “i-1” is the x location previous. * i was chosen here because the most common looping variable in Matlab is i. Numerical solutions are often written with other variables. *Everything is constant except L and D, which have indices *In order to start, we need initial conditions *Use constants U = 1,500 m/day, k a = 0.6 days -1 , k r = 1.2 days -1 , k d = 1.0 days -1 a.) Write a function in matlab that numerically integrates the governing equations. Your top line should look like: function [L,D,x] = BOD_num_sol(deltaX, final_x, L_init, D_init, U, ka, kd, kr) The function should take as input :
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291-homework5 - CEE 291 Problem Solving Using Computer...

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