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Lab 7: Differential Leveling CEE/GLE 291: Problem Solving Using Computer Tools Spring 2010 Assigned: Week of April 11, 2009 Due: One week in you lab section Objective: In this lab students will perform a closed differential leveling circuit to determine the elevation of a temporary benchmark (TBM) relative to a known benchmark (BM). Field notes and computations will be performed in the field and completed as shown in the example (below). Equipment: Auto-level, tripod, level rod, field notes, calculator Group BM # (elevation meters) TBM # 1 #204 (263.804 m) Statue base 2 #305 (263.579 m) Statue base 3 #306 (263.595 m) Statue base 4 #204 (263.804 m) Statue base
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Responsibilities: Groups are to consist of 3 or 4 members. At each new turning point (moving the tripod and level), rotate responsibilities. Each person should perform each responsibility at least once, so this means you must have as many stations as there are group members!
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cee291_10_sp_lab4_differential_leveling - Lab 7...

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