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Lab 8: Topographic Survey CEE/GLE 291: Problem Solving Using Computer Tools Spring 2010 Assigned: Week of April 18, 2009 Due: One week in you lab section Objective: The purpose of this is to gain experience using a total station to collect topographic data. Engineers often need topographic data for site design and to learn of existing conditions. Equipment: Geodimeter, tripod, reflector rod, field notes, calculator Control: After setting up a total station, its relative position must be established using known control points. Here is a list of available control points. Sta X (ft) Y (ft) Elev (ft) 207 853.30 525.82 153.32 301 778.60 593.29 155.35 303 855.21 559.59 150.96 305 745.48 283.99 139.74 306 625.07 246.67 139.79 UW0 4 867.19 527.29 153.18 Setup : Your TA will instruct you on how to setup and use the equipment. We will cover two different types of setup procedures. You are required to use each setup at least once in the lab!! Instructions: The objective of this lab is to produce a contour map of the lawn with features such as trees, canons, sidewalk, etc. You should assess to what detail you can accomplish this
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task with remaining lab time. Make sure you fill out a neat set of field notes describing setup
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cee291_10_sp_lab8_topo_total_station - Lab 8: Topographic...

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