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Closed_Polygon_Traverse_Lab - Closed Polygon Traverse...

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Closed Polygon Traverse CEE/GLE 291: Problem Solving Using Computer Tools Spring 2010 Assigned: Week of Apr. 25 2010 Due: One week later in lab Objective: In this lab students will use a total station to complete a closed polygon traverse, including elevation. Examine the polygons and points on page 2 and the example field notes on page 3 to understand the lab procedure. Equipment: Total Station, battery & tripod, reflector rod, field notes Before You Go OUT : Record the atm. pressure and temperature from http://www.wunderground.com/US/WI/Madison.html Instructions: 1.) Examine the example calculation sheet to familiarize yourself with the field measurements required. 2.) Setup Base Station over point A and preliminary level a. Roughly level tripod and total station to a comfortable height over point, screw in total station close to center of tripod. b. Translate entire tripod over point using right angle mirror c. Adjust tripod legs and turn knobs to level the bubble d. Re-examine the right angle mirror to ensure you are over the point If the crosshairs are “close” < 2 inches from point. Step in the tripod legs, loosen screw, translate the total station over the point, re-center level bubble if necessary.
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