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Homework1_sol - =M M ULT(B9:D11,F4:F6 =M I NVERSE(B4:D6...

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=MINVERSE(B4:D6) =MMULT(B9:D11,F4:F6) Spring 2010 CEE 291 – PROBLEM SOLVING USING COMPUTER TOOLS Homework 1 Solve these problems using Excel. Copy and Paste solutions and work into a Word document with problems and solutions clearly identified. Assignment is due on Wednesday (1/27) in class. Problem 1 - Excel Plotting and Curve Fitting Part (e) x linear powe r cubic 4 th Order 25 33.279 36.21 1 34.355 36.485 70 74.916 56.66 2 81.673 159.971 100 102.67 5 66.16 8 155.87 8 1002.82 1 150 148.93 9 78.92 7 450.44 1 7788.94 4 Questions: Copy all of your plots into a single word file. In that same word file answer the following questions. 1) What is R 2 a measure of? Does a higher R 2 mean that a given regression is the “right” one? Ans – R 2 is a measure of how well the fitted equation matches the observed data. Typically a higher R 2 value means a better fit; however, it does not guarantee that
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the trend is maintained between data points or when extrapolated. For example, a plot of a 6 th order fit is shown below. Even though R 2 is 1.0, the intermediate values between the first and second points do not seem to fit well.
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