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Spring 2010 Homework 8 – CEE 291 Problem 1 Sample the continuous analog voltage, = Et 5sin4πt mV, using sample time increments of 0.05 sec, 0.20 sec, and 0.80 sec. Plot the continuous signal and each sampled series over 4 periods. Determine the Nyquist and aliasing frequencies. Discuss reasons for apparent differences between each discrete representation and the analog signal. Problem 2 Compute the amplitude spectrum for each of the discrete signals in problem 1. Use a data set of 128 points. Discuss apparent differences among each of the spectra and the spectrum of the continuous signal. Problem 3 Develop MATLAB algorithms to determine the decimal number from a binary number and to determine a binary number from a decimal number. Use algorithms to change the binary numbers 1010, 11111, and 10111011 into decimal numbers and to change the resulting decimal numbers into binary numbers. Problem 4
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