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CEE 320 Discussion 1 January 25, 2010 Example 1: Variable Challenge Match each variable in the table with the correct quantity, units, and example units. Ex. “A” would have quantity “area”, units “length 2 ”, and example units “m 2 ”. Variable Quantity Units Example Units C 1. Mass flow rate a. vol/time i. L E 2. Flow rate b. mass/mass ii. mg/hr X 3. Concentration c. mass/time iii. m 3 /s V 4. Volume d. mass/time iv. mg/g F 5. Mass fraction e. mass/vol v. kg/s Q 6. Emission factor f. vol vi. mg/L Example 2: It’s a bird, it’s a plane… Late one evening, Superman discovered Lex Luthor injecting liquid kryptonite into the water supply for the City of Metropolis.
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Unformatted text preview: Lex was dumping the kryptonite into the intake of the water treatment facility, where it could be distributed to the entire city, thus ensuring Supermans demise. If Supermans kryptonite tolerance is 1 mg/day and he drinks 2 L of water/day, determine whether Lex Luthor added enough to harm Superman. Given information: Metropolis is fed by two rivers with flow rates: Q R1 = 300 m 3 /d and Q R2 = 220 m 3 /d. The kryptonite was fed at C = 35 mg/L into the second river (R2). Assume the kryptonite does not degrade with time and the water treatment processes do not remove it (Lex Luthor is smarter than that!)....
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