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CEE 320 Discussion 2 February 1, 2010 Example 1: Air Quality in Springfield Bart’s friend Milhouse has trouble with his asthma when the ozone concentration in Springfield goes above the National Ambient Air Quality Standard of 0.12 ppm for the maximum hourly average. Given P = 1 atm and T = 298K, determine what the ozone concentration is in M (molarity). Example 2: Trouble at the Hilton’s Paris Hilton threw a huge party last weekend. Some of her friends got drunk and tried to fill her swimming pool with liquor (chemically, ethanol). She’s hired you to figure out approximately
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Unformatted text preview: how long (characteristic time) the liquor will be in the pool so she knows when it will be safe for her dog, Tinkerbell, to go swimming again. a. Write a material balance for ethanol in the pool, assuming constant Q&V, an initial ethanol concentration of C o , and a CMFR system. b. Use the ODE cheatsheet to find an equation describing how the ethanol concentration changes with time. c. Knowing the pool has a volume of 1.25x10 5 L and a flow rate of 260 L min-1 , determine the approximate time it takes to remove the ethanol (in hours). d. Thats hot....
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