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CEE 320 Discussion 3 February 8, 2010 Example 1: Normality a. If you dissolve 5 mg of table salt into 1-L of water, find the normality of the solution. b. Find the normality if you dissolve calcium chloride instead. Example 2: Brand X The Joker wants to stage a private meeting with Vicki Vale at an art gallery to try to woo the photojournalist (as seen in the 1989 film, Batman). His plan is to invite her to dinner at the gallery and send her a gas mask to wear while he gasses the rest of the attendants. The gallery contains a large water feature, so the Joker must determine how the chemical will partition so enough will be in the air to make gallery-goers unconscious. a. The Joker needs to determine a Henry’s Constant value, saturation vapor pressure, and solubility for a new chemical that he has created (Brand X).
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Unformatted text preview: If the Joker injects Brand X into a sealed container containing 1-L of water and 1 L of air, determine Henry’s Constant, saturation vapor pressure, and solubility for the chemical given the following conditions:  The initial injection of Brand X was 20 g of chemical.  7.4 mL of liquid Brand X exists when the chemical reaches equilibrium.  The density of Brand X is 1.5x10 6 mg/L.  The molecular weight of Brand X is 118 g/mol.  The concentration of Brand X in the water phase is 8 g/L. b. If the gallery is 1000 L and the water feature takes up 150 L, determine how many moles of Brand X Joker would have to inject in order to get a concentration of 5 ppm, the concentration necessary to render attendants unconscious....
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