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CEE 320 Discussion 4 February 15, 2010 Example 1: “Sip all day you get decay” a. Commercials from the ADA make the claim that the sugar and acid in sodas can cause tooth decay. Let’s use our environmental engineering knowledge to determine whether that is true. In order to carbonate the beverage, carbon dioxide is bubbled through the drink. This removes other gasses and leaves CO 2 to be the sole gas left in the headspace above the liquid in the bottle. If the gas has a pressure of 2 atm and the drink is at a temperature of 25°C, solve for the equilibrium pH. b. Assume you have a friend that enjoys the carbonation of soda, but can’t handle the
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Unformatted text preview: acidity. Your friend decides to add Tums, an antacid (CaCO 3 ), to their soda bottle (assume all conditions are the same as above even though that’s not really true anymore). What other 2 equations would you add to your list of equations from part a? Knowns: pK a1 =6.35 pK a2 =10.33 K H =0.034 M/atm Example 2: “Material balance” differences You saw in the example above how we wrote a material balance to solve for equilibrium pH. Now write a material balance if a known amount of HOCl is added to water. Note how the equations may differ, but the idea is the same....
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