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Disc_5 - CEE 320 Discussion 5 Example 1 Theoretical Oxygen...

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CEE 320 Discussion 5 February 22, 2010 Example 1: Theoretical Oxygen Demand If we have 150 mg/L fructose, what is the theoretical oxygen demand (ThOD)? C 6 H 12 O 6 + _ O 2 _ CO 2 + _ H 2 O Example 2: Superman Revisited a. Let’s rethink the example from discussion #1 in which Lex Luther injected liquid kryptonite into Metropolis’ water supply. This time, Lex realizes that the kryptonite degrades in light according to the following reaction kinetics below. Use the following information to determine whether Superman can survive the given conditions: Given information: Metropolis is fed by two rivers with flow rates: Q R1 = 300 m 3 /d and Q R2 = 220 m 3 /d. The kryptonite was fed at C = 35 mg/L into the second river (R2).
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