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Microsoft Excel Tutorial CEE 320: Intro to Environmental Engineering Objective: Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that we can use to solve many engineering problems. This document will help to get you started if you haven’t used it before. The Basics Upon starting Excel, the program opens a new spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is a grid in which we can place our data. The program labels rows with numbers and columns with letters. Each letter and number combination corresponds to a single grid square, called a “cell”. The labels for our cells allow us to easily call and identify our data. In each cell, we can type letter, numbers, or input formulas. The following picture shows a typical spreadsheet with some data. We can see from this screen shot that the number “24” is in cell B2 and the letter “Y” is in cell A3. Open a spreadsheet in Excel and enter the same data. Depending on whether you are working on a Mac or PC, the view will look slightly different, but the functions are the same. We can move the highlighted cell easily with the mouse or the keyboard. To move with the keyboard, we can use the arrow keys, tab, or enter. Tab will move the highlighted cell along the row and enter will moved along the column. There are several other useful functions we can use while entering data. Highlighting data: to highlight data, simply click and drag over the cells you would like to select. Function toolbar: above the spreadsheet is a function toolbar. The toolbar will display the data shown in the highlighted cell. It is also the easiest place to edit our entered data. Dragging cells: dragging cells allow us to enter the same value into multiple cells in the same row or column. To drag, highlight the cell you wish to copy and place your mouse over the bottom-right corner of the cell. The cursor will become a smaller, black cross. When the cross appears, left-click and drag down the number of cells you would like, or drag across the
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Excel_Tutorial - Microsoft Excel Tutorial CEE 320: Intro to...

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