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Lake_Elastica_practice - the environment(a What is the flow...

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CEE 320 – Environmental Engineering Practice Problem for M 25 January Styrene concentrations in Lake Elastica A rubber factory discharges wastewater to Lake Elastica as illustrated below, with a flow rate of Q d . The wastewater contains styrene, an organic chemical, at a concentration of C d . A river flows into and then out of the lake. You may assume the water level in the lake remains constant over time. You may also assume that styrene does not degrade in
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Unformatted text preview: the environment. (a) What is the flow rate in the river leaving Lake Elastica (Q 2 )? (b) Given that the drinking water standard for styrene is 0.1 mg L-1 , will the town of Springfield have to worry about the levels of styrene in their drinking water source (the river)? Springfield C 1 = 4 μ g L-1 Q 1 = 30 m 3 hr-1 Rubber factory C d =10 mg L-1 Q d = 0.2 m 3 hr-1 Q 2 = ? C 2 = ? Lake Elastica River...
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