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CEE 320 Assignment #0 Environmental Engineering due: F 22 January Please fill out the following information about yourself Name: email address: _____________________________________________________________________ Major: Emphasis within major (if any): _____________________________________________________________________ Why did you choose this major/emphasis? _____________________________________________________________________ Current degree goal (e.g. BS) and when expected: _____________________________________________________________________ Plans following graduation: _____________________________________________________________________ Why did you enroll in this class? _____________________________________________________________________ What do you most hope to get from the class overall? _____________________________________________________________________ What do you hope to get out of the (optional) discussion sections?
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Unformatted text preview: _____________________________________________________________________ What concerns, if any, do you have about the class? _____________________________________________________________________ What musical artists (bands, singer-songwriters, etc.) are you listening to these days? _____________________________________________________________________ Please circle the courses you have taken, or are taking this semester, if any: CEE 310 ChE 250 Math 319 CEE 311 ChE 320 Math 320 Which of these best describes your general attitude about computers ? (check a box) I totally love them and I spend my free time coding or otherwise fiddling with them I use them for school/work and think I am quite competent with them I get by, but often find computer-based assignments hard to figure out I hate them and only use them when I absolutely have to...
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