PS1_Sp10 - CEE 320 Assignment#1 Environmental Engineering complete by Wednesday 27 January PROBLEMS 1 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING THE BIG PICTURE

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Unformatted text preview: CEE 320 Assignment #1 Environmental Engineering complete by Wednesday 27 January PROBLEMS: 1. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING: THE BIG PICTURE Consider the Environmental Systems Overview presented in Chapter 1 of your text. Three main management systems were described: Water Resources, Air Resources, and Solid Waste. In one page or less, compare and contrast these three systems from the perspective of: 1) System complexity 2) Extent of control that engineers have over the systems 3) External (non-anthropogenic) forces that could disrupt or negatively impact the system 2. A WATER RESOURCES PROBLEM Ecocity has two potential sources of water supply: groundwater and a small river fed by a mountain spring. The river supports a lot of fish and other wildlife and so the citizens do not want to use any more of it than necessary. However, unfortunately, their groundwater has barium concentrations in excess of the public health standards. Rather than invest money in a treatment plant to reduce the barium concentration of the groundwater to an acceptable level, the...
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