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PS8_Sp10 - CEE 320 Environmental Engineering Assignment#8...

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CEE 320 Assignment #8 Environmental Engineering complete for Wednesday 24 March, 2010 PROBLEMS: 1. Textbook Chapter 9 Problem 9-25 (p. 397) 2. Textbook Chapter 9 Discussion question 9-3 (p. 399) 3. Textbook Chapter 9 Discussion question 9-5 (p. 399) 4. Textbook Chapter 9 Problem 9-40 (p. 399) 5. Interfacial mass transfer of oxygen into a lake Consider a lake with a mean depth of 30 m. The temperature of the lake water is 10 o C. At some time, the lake water contains 3 mg/L of dissolved oxygen. (Incidentally, this is below the level needed to support most game fish). The lake is at sea level, so the total air pressure is 1 atm. You may assume a value of 0.027 m/h for the interfacial mass transfer constant, k r , (called the reaeration constant in your textbook), and a value of 1.6 x 10 -3 M/atm for Henry’s constant at 10 o C. (a) What is the equilibrium mass concentration of dissolved oxygen in water in the lake? (b) Assuming that no mechanisms change the dissolved oxygen content of the lake water other than
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