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CEE 320 Assignment #9 Environmental Engineering complete for W 7 April PROBLEMS: 1. Water Treatment Concepts (a) Distinguish among dissolved substances, suspended solids, and colloidal substances based on their size and the mechanism by which they can be removed from water. (b) Define hardness in terms of the chemical species that cause it and the results as seen by the users of hard water. (c) Sketch a typical drinking water treatment plant flow diagram. The process should include all the unit operations required to chemically soften and disinfect the water. Note that there is no single correct answer to this question. However, you must include the most important unit operations in the proper order to receive full credit. 2. Alternatives for water softening Describe how a home ion exchange unit works. Specify what impurities it removes and why you need to add salt pellets regularly. Contrast this process with the chemical precipitation method of water softening. Why don’t we use chemical precipitation to soften our water here in Madison? 3. Textbook Chapter Review Question 10-5 (page 451)
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PS9_Sp10 - CEE 320 Environmental Engineering Assignment #9...

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