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CEE 320 Assignment #10 Environmental Engineering Complete for W 14 April, 2010 PROBLEMS: 1. Textbook Problem 10-1 (p. 452) 2. Textbook Problem 10-7 (p. 454) 3. Disinfection kinetics for chlorine The following data were obtained from batch disinfection studies of the bacteria Streptococcus . Given a contact time of 15 minutes, estimate the concentration of free available chlorine necessary to kill 99.99 percent of the bacteria. Survival (%) Free available chlorine mg L -1 1-min contact time 5-min contact time 0.05 77.4 27.8 0.1 60.0 7.8 4. Technologies for treating water and wastewater Name a treatment technology that is commonly used to remove or transform each of the following species from water or wastewater in municipal treatment plants. (a) Pathogens from either water or wastewater (b) Calcium ions from drinking water (c) Undesired dissolved organic molecules from drinking water (d) Undesired dissolved organic molecules from wastewater (e) Suspended particles > 30 μ m in diameter from either water or wastewater
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