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CEE 320 Quiz #11 Environmental Engineering F 23 April 2010 PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE BACK Quiz #11 solution key Sedimentation basin particle removal efficiency A source water to be used for drinking water contains an excessively high concentration of particles that cause the water to appear turbid. Your assignment is to design a tank to achieve 80% removal of 20 μ m-diameter particles using sedimentation. The tank height and length is constrained to the values given below due to the plant configuration. You must specify a tank width. Assume the fluid velocity in the tank will be uniform. Data: Tank height H = 3 m Tank length L = 20 m Particle diameter d p = 20 μ m Particle density ρ = 2.5 g cm 3 Design flow rate Q = 1.5 m 3 s -1 Dynamic viscosity μ = 1.0 g m -1 s -1 Gravitational acceleration g = 9.81 m s -2 (a) Calculate the tank width needed to achieve the desired removal of 20
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