Test 1 - American Imperialism I. Changing American Foreign...

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American Imperialism I. Changing American Foreign Policy a. At this time the US was not a world power, our army was smaller than Bulgaria, by the time WWI breaks out this will totally change. b. Two Foreign policy impulses: i. Expansive—many people in America want to expand ii. Isolationist—staying out of international affairs, very unlikely that the US would be invaded because we are separated from everyone by oceans c. Monroe Doctrine—1823—we would respect European colonies in the western hemisphere but they did not want them coming and trying to settle new territory d. William H. Seward—important component of expansion, trying to get Alaska because it was rich in natural resources and everyone criticized him for this and he tried to get the US to buy the Virgin Islands and tried to get them to build the Panama Canal II. Why policy changes a. International Balance of Power—thought it was necessary to have territories overseas to become a world power b. Alfred Thayer Mahan—told the US that they needed to beef up the navy because whoever controlled the seas controlled the world and you need a powerful navy to protect yourself c. Protection of US markets—domestic market was not big enough to consume everything being made in the US i. US Exports 1. 1870—$400 million 2. 1890—$850 million 3. 1900—$1.4 billion d. Close of Western Frontier—now there is no more place in the US to expand or unsettled territory; they wanted to expand outside the US
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e. Social Darwinism—applied his idea not only to people but to whole nations and told
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Test 1 - American Imperialism I. Changing American Foreign...

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