The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era - The Progressive Era, 1890-1917 I....

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Unformatted text preview: The Progressive Era, 1890-1917 I. Causes: Anxieties and Problems a. Fin de Sicle i. Where is America going? What is going on? ii. Political changesSot Party iii. Technological changeselectricity allowed for people to work longer hours, telephones and telegraphs iv. Growth of Capitalism v. Genderwomen wanted the right to vote, working class women, social freedom vi. Medicinehuge change, bacillus anthracis, doctors started wrongfully identifying bacteria and creating vaccines that didnt work, good hygiene means good health vii. Social SciencesFreud (studying dreams), Darwin (evolution), Nietzchum (God is dead blames mankind on the death of God), Turner (gave speech on Frontier), Edwards Bellamy (Looking Backward: 2000-1887) b. Industrialization i. Problems with the transition into a modern industrialized society c. Economic Depression i. Employment is down, people are looking for jobs so they go to the cities where there are plants and factories d. Immigration i. 20 million European immigrants ii. Irish famine, Asians coming for the gold iii. Ellis Island and Angel Island iv. Know Nothing Partyforms, believes that immigrants will bring down the development e. Urbanization i. Sanitation problem, housing problems ii. Most people moving to the city was a younger generation, decline in morality II. Common Beliefs a. Democracy i. Felt that the political system has lapsed so people should be more involved ii. Initiatepeople can petition laws iii. Referendumpeople vote on those laws iv. Recallpeople can take laws out of office that they dont believe in b. Efficiency i. Frederick Taylor (The Principles of Scientific Management) ii. Workers were not a fan of Taylorism as they called it iii. Expertsthe most capable at handling a problem and they should be given the tasks of solving it c. Regulation i. Trust busting d. Social Justice i. Dominated by middle class women III. Early Reformers/Catalysts a. Influential Movements i. Protestantism...
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The Progressive Era - The Progressive Era, 1890-1917 I....

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