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Changes in American Life

Changes in American Life - Changes in American Life I The...

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Changes in American Life I. The New South a. The Redeemers i. Redeemer Governments—have redeemed the south of the carpetbagger governments 1. 1877 2. Also known as Bourbons and known for being very corrupt ii. These guys come in to cut the cost of government spending in the south iii. Laissez-faire government—government is not very active in the lives of the citizens iv. Black codes continue—limits on their freedom b. Sharecropping, Tenancy, and the Crop Lien System i. Cotton prices rise and everyone is focused on growing more cotton ii. Poor whites and blacks—sharecropping 1. Very corrupt—landowners often stole more of the crop than they were to have iii. Tenant farmers—not their land still but they own their own plow and other things so they got a larger share of the crop iv. Crop Lien System 1. Form of credit they came up with to operate the south before the harvesting of crops 2. Merchants give a lean (mortgage) on the crop, advances you cash 3. This is risky because if there was a freeze and you couldn’t get your crop you wouldn’t be able to pay, they charged extremely high interest rates 4. Keeps southerners in a cycle of debt c. The New South Advocates i. Advocate diversifying the southern economy
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ii. They want to bring industry to the south but that is the way the north is and many southerners don’t want to look like the north. iii. Native southerners, Henry Grady and JDB DeBow wanted something different for the south iv. Steel becomes an industry in Birmingham, AL v. Federal government is not going to pass tariffs to help southern industry II. Settling the West a. Manifest Destiny—settlement on the Eastern seaboard and continuing to settle westward b. Destruction of the Indians i. Indians had been pushed into the west as the whites formed the colonies ii. Saw the Indians as less than human and saw the way to deal with them was genocide iii. They put the US Army in charge—William T. Sherman at the top and below him Philip Sheridan 1. Used harsh tactics like getting a tribe member drunk and making him sign the contract to move iv. The Dawes Act 1. Instead of reservations, they will give specific plots of land to Indian
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Changes in American Life - Changes in American Life I The...

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