The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties - The Roaring Twenties I Conservative...

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The Roaring Twenties I. Conservative Politics- The belief that we could fix other problems died with the war. President Hardin is going to be the first Conservative president. They want to undo progressive reform. a. President Harding and the Return to Normalcy- The Republicans run warren G. Harding from Ohio. He wants to return to Normalcy. He is folksy. He played poker, adultery, and drank beer in the White House. i. Progressivism Undone 1. Harding gets to appoint four Supreme Court justices. All of which are Conservatisms. He appoints Taft. 2. Secretary of Treasury is Andrew Mellon. He sets out to reduce government spending and reduce taxes. Republicans want a smaller government that spends less money. People liked Mellon. He is responsible for getting tax breaks for the rich and elite. . He favored the Republican tradition of higher tariff. He wants to increase and did in 1922. They want to maintain the American superiority in the economy. 3. Republicans wanted to dismantle the regulation of big business. Big Business dominated things. They wanted to protect them. 4. Hardin is progressive to race issue. He wanted to pass legislation against lynching. ii. Corruption Returns 1. Ohio Gang- Hardin’s old friends. They are involved in a number of scandals. (Veteran’s Bureau) Attorney General friend peddled influence he committed suicide to avoid indicting. 2. Teapot Dome Scandal: Oil reserve in Wyoming. Was a Naval reserve. The Secretary of the Interior is going to sign contracts he allowed petroleum people to exploit the goods. He was bribed with half a million dollars. 3. He died a while after having food poisoning. b. Silent Cal i. Coolidge believed that the presidency should be pushed back to being less active and let Congress be in charge of the federal government.
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ii. He was very conservative he associated the nation’s success with big business. He strives to end government regulation on big business. iii. He wins the nomination in 1924.The progressive party reemerges during this time. The economy soared. People associated that with Coolidge and the Republicans. II. America in the 1920s- people started acting like we do today. It was modern. a. Economic Boom- a very prospers decade. Prices were stable, interest rates stayed low. Wages rise. Herbert Hoover was the Secretary of Commerce (Hardin/Coolidge) businesses. He associated on trade association. He transforms the Commerce department into something big. i.
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The Roaring Twenties - The Roaring Twenties I Conservative...

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