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Chem Naming compunds - tri is already present in the name...

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1. When writing a name or formula for the Cooridination compounds, write cation before anion 2. Coordination Complex a. In Name, ligands before metal In formula, metal before ligands; b. In Name, Ligands in alphabetical order; In formula, negative ligands before neutral c. Ligand naming: add “o” …. . fluoror, choloro, etc… Special names for H2O (aqua), NH3 (amine) etc… d. # same ligands: di, tri, tetra, penta, hexa… or bis, tris, tetrakis… if “di,
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Unformatted text preview: tri is already present in the name e. Oxidation state of metal atom in parenthesis in roman numerals f. If complex ion is negatively charged, ate is added: e.g. cobulate, plumbate, ferrateif complex ion is positively charged, regular name is used for metal ion (e.g. cobalt, lead, iron)...
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