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Math 128 ASSIGNMENT 4 Winter 2010 Submit all problems by 8:20 am on Wednesday, February 3 rd in the drop boxes across from MC4066, or in class depending on your instructor’s preference. All solutions must be clearly stated and fully justified . From the text: 6.1 # 20. Ch. 6 Review Exercises # 12, 14 (use the easiest way — disks/washers or shells). 8.1 # 4, 6. 8.2 # 2, 4(a). Non-text problems: 1. A parabolic lens is formed by rotating the shaded region about the x -axis. The equa- tions of the parabolas are y 2 = x and y 2 = 2(
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Unformatted text preview: x-2). Find the volume of the glass that is required. 2. Show that the area of a sphere with radius r is 4 r 2 , using the method of section 8.2. Comment: You are given the answer, so it is especially important that you show your work and explain your logic clearly. 3. (a)* Show that an observer at height H above the north pole of a sphere of radius r can see a part of the sphere that has area 2 r 2 H r + H . (b) What happens as H , and why does this make sense?...
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