Afaf Bennani Assignement

Afaf Bennani Assignement - to see the different reasons...

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Afaf Bennani Second part of the city profile assignment. - French Source1: Title: Egypte monde arabe. Author: Jean charles De paule et gaila Elkadi -Source2: Overpopulation problems: Author: Abhijit Naik =>Both sources discuss how the overpopulation of Cairo is an important issue. The first source talks about urban planning while the other one talks about some environmental issues, health problem and scarcity of resources that Cairo faces. The geography component of our city profile helped me a lot understand why the overpopulation of Cairo is such a big issue. From our previous assignment, I knew that the rate of grow in Cairo was 600% in the last century. Cairo has a total area of roughly one million kilometer squared, however its habitable area is only 38 500km. The city has a rich and fertile soil and represents a good source of jobs and services. This makes the stories having more intelligence in the sense I was able
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Unformatted text preview: to see the different reasons that make people move to Cairo. From the city profile again, I understood that the lack of of accommodation and the importance of urban planning are due to the lack of room expansion. We can also refer to the population density 35,000 per km squared. This is such a big density for a small habitable area, which makes sense that a lot of environmental, heath problem will be generated. The climate component of the city profile justifies why Cairo is so attractive. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Cairo has a desert climate with a temperature ranging from 8 to 19 in its coldest month January, and an average of 36 in the summer period. Moreover, Cairo is the major urban, industrial, and financial agglomeration in Egypt. All theses facts justify the reasons of the overpopulation of Cairo and how important is to face the problems related to it as well as the importance of the urban planning....
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Afaf Bennani Assignement - to see the different reasons...

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