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-Source1:http://ema.revues.org/index196.html Title: Egypte monde arabe Author: Jean charles De paule et gaila Elkadi -Source2: http://illyria.proboards.com/index.cgi? board=harmonyforum&action=display&thread=29072&page=1 Author: Abhijit Naik =>Both sources talked about how the overpopulation of Cairo is an important issue. One of the source talks about urban planning and the other one talks about some environmental issues, health problem and scarcity of resources that Cairo has face. The geography component of our city profile helped me a lot understand why the overpopulation such a big issue. From our previous assignment, I knew that the rate of grow in Cairo is 600% in the last century. Cairo has a total are of roughly one million square kilometer, however its habitable are is only 38 500km. The city has a rich and fertile soil and represents a good source of jobs and services. This makes the stories having more intelligence in the sense I was able to see the different reasons that make people move to cairo. has a total land area of roughly one million square kilometers.
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