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Department of Economics Prof. Derek DeLia Health Economics 220:316:01 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #2 This assignment is for practice purposes only. It will not be graded or collected. QUESTION 1 : a. What is the difference between a health program funded as an entitlement and a health program funded through appropriations? b. Which type is fiscally more difficult to sustain. c. Give some examples of each type in the U.S. QUESTION 2 : Consider the following 9 nations. Germany France Switzerland Denmark Japan Great Britain Norway Canada United States a. Using the typology we discussed in class, what type of health system does each nation have? b. Which nations place the strongest controls on the use of expensive medical technologies? c. Which nations have the most administratively simple arrangements for financing healthcare? QUESTION 3 : How does the United States compare to other OECD nations according to the following measures? Mortality amenable to medical care
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This note was uploaded on 05/05/2010 for the course ECON 316 taught by Professor Delia during the Spring '10 term at Rutgers.

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HE+HW2+-+Spring+2010 - Department of Economics Health...

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