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Department of Economics Prof. Derek DeLia Health Economics 220:316:01 Spring 2010 ANSWERS TO HOMEWORK #2 QUESTION 1 : a. Under an entitlement, eligible populations are legally entitled to receive services regardless of the budgetary consequences. If a healthcare program is funded through appropriations, budget constraints can be set and maintained by appropriating the desired amount of money whenever the program is reauthorized. b. Entitlements are much more difficult to sustain, since spending increases automatically unless major changes are made to specific programs. Appropriations work the opposite way. If a specific amount of money is not appropriated, no money will be spent. c. In the U.S., healthcare entitlements include Medicare and Medicaid. Healthcare services in the VA and SCHIP are funded through appropriations. QUESTION 2 : Nation Health system Technology controls Administration Germany Sickness funds Moderate Moderately complex France Sickness funds Moderate Moderately complex
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This note was uploaded on 05/05/2010 for the course ECON 316 taught by Professor Delia during the Spring '10 term at Rutgers.

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HE+ANS+to+HW2+-+Spring+2010 - Department of Economics...

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