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Department of Economics Prof. Derek DeLia Health Economics 220:316:01 Spring 2010 HOMEWORK #6 This assignment is for practice purposes only. It will not be graded or collected. 1.) a. Why are hospitals in the U.S. referred to as doctors’ workshops? b. How is this concept related to the medical arms race (MAR)? c. How did managed care affect the MAR in the 1980’s and early 90’s? 2.) In class, we discussed a study of gainsharing in hospital coronary catheterization labs. a. What does gainsharing refer to in this context? b. What impact did the gainsharing demonstration have on costs per patient, physician incomes, and quality of coronary care? 3.) a. Define Accountable Care Organization (ACO). b. How does gainsharing work in the context of ACO’s and third-party insurers? c. How is the process in part b different from traditional forms of managed care? In your answer, include a discussion of clinical versus actuarial risk. 4.) Consider a hospital that is negotiating a reimbursement contract with a health maintenance organization (HMO). Describe the factors that will affect the price the HMO
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HE+HW6+-+Spring+2010 - Department of Economics Health...

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