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EXB 113 Practice Midterm #1 THERE IS ONLY ONE (1) CORRECT LETTER ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION. T / F QUESTIONS (2 points each) Mark “ A” if the statement is TRUE , “ B” if the statement is FALSE. 1. In response to work demands placed on the body during growth, both structures and functions can be altered. 2. Even though children don’t begin adolescence at the exact same age, they do tend to follow the same general pattern of growth during the adolescent growth spurt. 3. Girls do not grow in shoulder breath during adolescence, but their growth in hip width is significantly greater than boys. 4. In a population that shares the same level of physical activity, significant differences in VO 2max will be primarily genetic in origin. 5. Exposure of a significant fraction of a population to a training stimulus generally increases the variance within the population in those physical attributes that support the work. 6. Socioeconomic influences on children’s growth, as revealed by comparisons of “third world” vs.“western-industrialized” societies, affect both height at any given age, and maturational status (as reflected by age of menarche). 7. In one example, seasonal height increase was 50-100% greater in summer vs. winter, most likely due to increased daylight and nutritional availability. 8. Despite the significant addition of cellular nuclei after birth, skeletal muscle is best characterized as growing by only hypertrophy. 9.
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113PracticeMidterm_1 - EXB 113 Practice Midterm #1 THERE IS...

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