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MGMT 7160—Global Strategic Management Spring 2010 Course Syllabus Professor: Robert R. Wiggins Office: 203 FAB Home Phone: 388-5695 Office phone: 678-5719 Email: Office hours: by appointment Course Web Site: Required Texts: Wheelan, Thomas L. and Hunger, J. David, 2007, Concepts in Strategic Management & Business Policy (Eleventh Edition), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Provided by EMBA Office. D’Aveni, Richard, Hypercompetition (hardcover, ISBN-10: 0029069386, ISBN-13: 978-0029069387) or Hypercompetitive Rivalries (paperback, ISBN-10: 0028741129, ISBN-13: 978-0028741123), Free Press, New York, 1994 and 1995. Provided by EMBA Office. Harvard Custom Case Packet, 2010. Provided by EMBA Office. A regular reading of business periodicals (e.g., Wall Street Journal , Fortune , BusinessWeek , Forbes , Barron’s ) is also strongly recommended. Student (reduced price) subscriptions can be obtained the first week of the semester.
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Course Description and Overall Goal: This course is designed to present strategic management from the point of view of the practicing general manager. It focuses on specific knowledge and skills that are required to understand strategy and the process by which it is developed in business organizations, and provides information on the situation and context in which strategy is formed and implemented. The course will integrate knowledge and skills developed in the core courses of the EMBA program, but that is not its only goal. Specific new information about the activities and skills of general managers will be presented. Students are expected to combine knowledge from other courses with information presented here to develop sophisticated interpretations and analyses of actual business problems and opportunities. The course contains a substantial writing component. Students will prepare written business case analyses on both an individual basis and a group basis, and business case presentations on a group basis. The expected level of quality and professionalism of the content and presentation of these cases will be that used in actual business organizations. Much managerial communication is verbal. Therefore, class discussion of lecture and case materials forms a substantial portion of the grade for this course. The principal objective of the course is for students to learn important facts and procedures about the strategic management process, while developing an understanding that strategy (and the jobs of those who formulate and implement strategy) is a highly uncertain activity in which only careful thought, sensitivity to the managerial environment, and creativity will succeed in the long run. Course Learning Objectives:
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MGMT7160_s10_EMBA_syllabus - MGMT 7160-Global Strategic...

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