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Instructions for a DOUBLE INPUT GRAPH -such as Pulse and ECG Close SCOPE and restart program. Initial display has the double graph to use. Decide what is to be displayed on Channel 1 and what is to be displayed on Channel 2. Then, set up the connections as described for the individual transducers. Looking back on the values used on these original setting gives you the range to set for each channel. On screen set: TIME BASE 40 Hz; SAMPLES 512, TIME 10 sec. For antagonistic muscles, use two ISOPODS set up as in section K.
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Unformatted text preview: SAMPLE SETTINGS: (i) PULSE (CH 1) Plug PULSE lead into +Channel 1 INPUT OF A/D converter. [section J in manual] Set INPUT B Ch 1 on screen to RANGE 50 mv (ii) ECG (CH 2) Plug ISOPOD ECG lead into INPUT + Channel 2 of BIOAMPLIFIER. BNC to BNC cable from OUTPUT of Channel 2 of BIOAMPLIFIER to INTO +Channel 2 INPUT on A/D Converter. [section K in manual] SET BIOAMPLIFIER Channel 2 panel to: High Pass-3; Low pass-50k; Gain X10; Offset to center. Set INPUT A Ch2 on screen to RANGE 10V...
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