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1 of 4 GUIDELINES FOR FORMAL LAB REPORTS Course Requirements You are responsible for preparing and submitting one formal lab report on Exercise 12. Your report will be submitted to your Laboratory Instructor during the week of April 26 th at the start of your laboratory section. Reports submitted late (more than 15 min from the start of the laboratory period) will be penalized by a reduction of 10% from the total possible points for each day late and will receive a grade of "0" if turned in more than one week late. The major lab report is to be written in the format of a research article in a professional scientific journal. Samples of journal articles may be reviewed on the course website. The report must be your own work. Any plagiarism , collusion, attempt to cheat, assisting others to cheat, or engaging in improper conduct is a serious violation of the University’s honor code and will result in a zero score with other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate (i.e., submission of disposition to the offending students’ permanent record). (see the course syllabus and ) Writing Guidelines The reports should be printed on 8.5 X 11 inch (letter size) white paper with 1” margins on top and bottom and 1.25” margins left and right). Each report may not be longer than 10 pages, including a title page and a list of references cited. All information included in the report must be typed. Text must be written in complete sentences, using correct grammar, syntax, and spelling. Since you are reporting on an activity performed in the past, use the past tense where it is appropriate. Most text should be written in the third person with avoidance of personal pronouns. Sentences and paragraphs should flow in a logical sequence so that the reader can easily understand the contents. Abbreviations need to be spelled out when first used. Include tables, figures, and other illustrations whenever you think they are suitable. The report should be double-spaced, except for the abstract and list of references, which should both be single-spaced. Except for the title page, all pages should be numbered. Please do not put the reports in covers nor special binders. Formal Lab Report Grading The formal lab report will be worth 10 points (grade out of 100 % x 0.10pts) toward your total course grade. The formal report grade is based on the following criteria: Library Modules and Prelab Work 5% Title & Abstract 10% Introduction 15% Materials & Methods 10% Results, including figures, illustrations, etc. 25% Discussion 20% References 5% Style, grammar, spelling, labeling, etc. 10% Total 100%
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2 of 4 Components of the Reports Page one of your report should contain only the following information, arranged on the page as shown below: Formal Report Title Your Name BIO 206, Semester, Year Unique, Lab Instructor Name
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