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Groupware Helps groups of people worl together on projects Web Services enable programmers to create applications that communicate with other remote computers over the Internet or on an internal business network. A mashup is a web application that continues A network is a collection of computers and devices connected together via communications devices and transmissions media Wiki Edit, Write, Save and Link. Makes it easier to collaborate and communicate. LAN is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographic area MAN connects LANs in a metropolitan are WAN Is a network that converts large……… The design of computers, devices, and media on a network is sometimes called the network architecture. P2P describes an internet network on which users access each other’s hard disk and exchange files directly over the internet Intranet is an internal network that uses internet technologies; Extranet allows customers or suppliers to
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Unformatted text preview: access part of its intranet. Wi-Fi, IrDA ( Infrared Data Association ), RFID (radio frequency identification), Bluetooth. Bandwidth is the speed at which data can travel Driver P2P Data Base Log – A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access retrieval, and use of that data. Data is a collection of unprocessed items. You can store and retrieve large quantities of info, enables info sharing, provides data centralization, promotes data integrity, and allows for flexible use of data. Database contains files, files contain records, records contain fields, and fields contain characters. Validation is the process of comparing data with a set of rules to find out if the data is correct. And it reduces data entry errors and enhances data integrity before program writes data on disk...
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