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ECO 301 Intermediate Macroeconomics Spring 2010 Instructor: Yangyi Shan When: 3/25/2010 class time Where: in class 1. Format: closed-book, closed-notes. 2. You may use simple calculators. Graphing calculators are not allowed. 3. 20 multiple-choice questions (80 points). 2 short- answer questions (20 points). Review Questions Remark: I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but the review sheet may have some unintentional omissions. Topics not mentioned in this sheet may be on the exam. 1. Obviously, you should be able to do problems like the ones on homework assignments and in class. 2. You should be able to calculate growth rate. 3. You should be able to calculate the government or a firm’s contribution to GDP from information provided. 4. You should be able to calculate GDP using three methods. 5. The difference between GDP and GNP. 6. Relationships among private disposable income, private saving, government saving, government surplus and current account surplus. 7.
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