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Page 1 of 1 ZEROING THE MANOMETER AND THE REFERENCE WATER CONTAINERS At the start of this experiment, The water (or Hg) levels inside the two columns of the manometer might not be even due to pressure difference. (These two columns are sealed by special valves. When the hoses from the reference water containers (or flow meters) are inserted, the columns are then opened to the pressure in the hoses.) The reference water containers might be completely empty. In any case, we have to use the pressure from the flow (venturi or pipe) to force the water into the reference water containers. Afterward, we can equalize the pressures inside the two columns of the manometer. Procedure: 1. Unplug both upper hoses of the reference water containers from the manometer. These ends are now exposed to atmospheric pressure. 2. *Hook up the venturi so that water can flow from the supply valve to the reservoir. Plug the lower hose of the reference water container (which needs to be filled) to the high-
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