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MNO 6202 Syllabus, p. 1 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Managing Organizations MNO 6202 – Section 724 Spring 2010 Module B Classroom: 353 Maguire Bldg Tuesday, 6:30pm – 9:20pm March 16, 2010 – May 4, 2010 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor: Jay B. Carson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Management and Organization Office #: 317 Fincher Office Phone #: 214-768-1213 Email address : [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays, 4:00pm - 6:00pm and by appointment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. COURSE OVERVIEW Prerequisite: MNO 6201 Learning Materials: Required Textbook: PRIMIS MNO 6202 Managing Organizations (by McGraw-Hill). This is a custom textbook developed specifically for this course and is available at the SMU Bookstore. Selected Readings and Assignments : Provided by instructor, usually as a download from Blackboard : This course is an intensive study of the management of a great organization. In contrast to MNO 6201, which covers primarily individual level concepts such as motivation and thought processes, this course covers interpersonal and organizational level concepts. Topics for this course include: 1) Organizational culture 2) Decision making 3) Creativity and innovation 4) Leading Change 5) Teams and Team leadership 6) Organizational Design The underlying purpose of this course is to enhance your understanding of how and why individuals and organizations function as they do, and to explore ways to respond effectively as a manager. Our learning processes will include study of some important and powerful theories of organizational behavior, case studies, group exercises, and an action paper. Students are expected to take a high level of responsibility for their own learning and that of others in the course. The instructor will provide guidance in these learning endeavors, and facilitate interaction and discussion during class sessions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _
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MNO 6202 Syllabus, p. 2 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ II. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Presence and Participation (25% of final grade): The material presented in this course is best learned in an interactive environment with lively discussions and experience sharing. In order to achieve this environment and to meet the learning goals, ALL class members are expected to be fully prepared to participate in active discussion, debate, and deep thinking around the assigned case and readings. The focus will be on quality rather than quantity. Be curious, professional, and engaged. To provide support for an accurate assessment of participation, a contemporaneous record will be created for each class
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MNO 6202 syllabus - Spring 2010 - MNO 6202 Syllabus, p. 1 _...

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