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Study Guide Chapter 1.1: Understanding IR – pages 3-21 PSC 124 International Relations – Fall 2009 Prof. Northrup Below you will find a set of questions to help you focus your understanding of the concepts in your reading. I would strongly recommend that you first read the relevant pages in the chapter before you answer the questions. Reading the chapter first ensures that you have the whole context in your mind before you address specific concepts and issues. In general the order of questions follows the sequencing and sections of the chapters. 1. A core principle that is used to understand international relations is the collective goods problem. What is it? This is an important concept to which we will return throughout the course. You should be sure you understand this idea. Why is the collective goods problem particularly acute in international affairs? 2. Your book describes three basic principles that offer possible solutions to the collective goods problem. What are those principles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of
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