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Quiz 1 List of Terms - Power Fungible (elements of power)...

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Quiz #1 - Terms PSC 124 Northrup Fall 2008 The first quiz will be taken from the following list of terms: Chapter 1 Collective goods problem Dominance Reciprocity Identity International political economy (IPE) International security State Nation International system GDP Non-state actors IGOs NGOs MNCs Globalization North-South gap League of Nations Munich Agreement and appeasement Cold War Containment Proxy wars Chapter 2 Realism, neorealism Idealism neoconservatism Machiavelli Thomas Hobbes
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Unformatted text preview: Power Fungible (elements of power) Anarchy Sovereignty Security dilemma Balance of power Great powers and middle powers Polarity (multipolar, unipolar, bi- and tri-polar) Power transition theory Hegemony Hegemonic stability theory Treaty of Westphalia Alliance NATO and Warsaw Pact US-Japanese Security Treaty Non-aligned movement Deterrence Compellence Arms race Rational actors Game theory Zero-sum game Prisoner’s Dilemma...
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