Study Guide ch 5-1 Fall 09

Study Guide ch 5-1 Fall 09 - Study Guide 5.1 Chapter 5:...

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Study Guide 5.1 Chapter 5: International Conflict PSC 124 International Relations – Fall 2009 Prof. Northrup 1. Types of War In what part of the world are the 13 wars that were in progress as of 2009? Afghanistan/Pakistan ; Israel/Palestine; Iraq ; Sudan/chad/C.A.R ; Nigeria; DEM.Congo ; SOMALIA/ETHIOPIA; COLOMBIA; PHILIPPINES; THAILAND Define the five types of war described in your book (hegemonic, total, limited, civil, and guerrilla). Give an example of each. What are guerilla wars especially painful for civilians? HEGEMONIC (WORLD WAR; GLOBAL WAR; GENERAL WAR; SYSTEMIC WAR): a war over control of the entire world order . rules of international system, inculuding the role of hegemony . One state’s holding a preponderance of power in the international system, allow it to single-handedly dominate the rules and arrangement by which international political and economic relations are conducted. Eg. WW2 TOTAL WAR: one state waged to conquer and occupy another. Reach capital city and force the surrender of the government. Replaced by one the victor’s choosing. Evolved with industrialization— integrated all of society into war. Eg. WW2 LIMITED WAR: military actions carried out to gain some objectives short of the surrender and occupation of the enemy. Eg. 1991 Irag War Raids: limited wars that consist of a single action—a bombing run or a quick incursion by land. Low-intensity conflict: raiding that is repeated or fuels a cycle of retaliation. GUERRILLA WAR: certain kinds of civil wars, is warfare without front lines. In the midst of , and often hidden or protected by, civilian populations Especially painful for civilian people: no military force firmly controlled—cannot distinguish them from civilians and punish both together. How are efforts to transition from war to peace collective goods
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Study Guide ch 5-1 Fall 09 - Study Guide 5.1 Chapter 5:...

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