Quiz _4 List of Terms Fall 09 ch 8 and 9

Quiz _4 List of Terms Fall 09 ch 8 and 9 - Hyperinflation...

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Terms to Study for Quiz #3 PSC 124 International Relations Northrup Chapter 8 Mercantilism Economic liberalism Bargaining space Balance of trade Comparative advantage Adam Smith David Ricardo Monopoly Oligopoly Tariff Sanctions Autarky Protectionism Dumping Tariff Nontariff barriers Subsidies WTO GATT MFN GSP Uruguay Round Doha Round Free trade areas NAFTA FTAA Cartel OPEC Intellectual property rights Smoot-Hawley Act Centrally planned economy Transitional economy Mixed economy From lecture: Race to the bottom Chapter 9 Gold standard Exchange rate Convertible currencies
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Unformatted text preview: Hyperinflation Hard currency Fixed exchange rates Floating exchange rates Managed float system Supply and demand (of currencies) Devaluation of currency Central bank The Fed Discount rate Bretton Woods system World Bank International Monetary Fund SDR Balance of payments Current account Remittances Standing wealth Keynesian economics and deficit spending Fiscal policy Monetary policy 1997 Asian financial crisis MNCs Foreign direct investment Host and home countries...
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