Quiz _3 List of Terms Fall 09 - chs 10 & 7

Quiz _3 List of Terms Fall 09 - chs 10 & 7 - UN...

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Quiz #3 - Terms PSC 124 – Northrup Fall 2009 Chapter 10 Supranational International integration Functionalism Neofunctionalism Security community European Union European Steel and Coal Community Treaty of Rome Euratom and EEC Free trade area Customs union Common market Common Agricultural Policy European Commission Council of the European Union European Parliament European Court of Justice The Single European Act Maastricht Treaty The euro Monetary union Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Digital divide Transparency Cultural imperialism Chapter 7 International norms IOs, IGOs, and NGOs
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Unformatted text preview: UN Charter UN General Assembly UN Security Council (and 5 permanent members UN Secretariat Collective security Peacekeeping Peacebuilding Secretary General (and the name of the current SG) ECOSOC UNICEF UNHCR UNDP UNCTAD WHO FAO WIPO IMF and the World Bank Four sources of international law Sanctions International Court of Justice Diplomatic recognition Diplomatic immunity Just war doctrine Human rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights Amnesty International War crimes International Criminal Court\ICRC...
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