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Study Guide ch 10 Fall 09 - Study Guide 10 Chapter 10:...

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Study Guide 10 Chapter 10: International Integration PSC 124 International Relations – Fall 2009 Prof. Northrup 1. Supranationalism and Integration Theory Define “supranational.” What is international integration? What would be the ultimate example of integration? What is the most successful example of international integration? Why is it surprising that this region is successfully integrating?` What are the theories of functionalism and neofunctionalism? What is spillover in relation to Neofunctionalism? (Remember that the term “spillover” was also used in relation to domestic conflicts like civil wars in which refugees spill over into neighboring countries.) What is a security community, and how is this concept related to ideas about international integration? What are some of the costs and limits of integration? What are some examples of disintegration? 2. EU – A United Europe and the Treaty of Rome How does the GDP of the EU compare to the GDP of the US? Why did functionalists such as Schuman and Monnet suggest that technical (and later scientific) collaborations be undertaken as a step toward integration and peace? The Schuman plan was a good example of this kind of collaboration; what was it? Why are international technical and scientific communities easier to create than political and military communities? What was the Treaty of Rome? What two organizations did it create?
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Study Guide ch 10 Fall 09 - Study Guide 10 Chapter 10:...

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