Quiz 2 List of Terms Fall 09 - ch 3 and 4

Quiz 2 List of Terms Fall 09 - ch 3 and 4 - Solomon Asch...

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Terms to Study for Quiz #2 PSC 124 International Relations – Northrup Fall 2009 Chapter 3: Liberal Theories Liberal theory (see lecture slides; know the principles it relies on) Immanuel Kant and three contributors to peace Liberal institutionalism Neoliberalism International regime Collective security The democratic peace (the correct one, not Kant’s version) Interagency tension Interest groups Military-industrial complex Diversionary foreign policy (rally ‘round the flag syndrome) Rational model of decision-making Organizational process model Government bargaining model SOPs (standard operating procedures) Misperception (example of Khrushchev from lecture) Information screen Affective bias Cognitive dissonance Justification of effort and the Dollar Auction (book and lecture) Enemy image and mirror image Selective perception Optimizing vs. satisficing Prospect theory Groupthink, the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missile Crisis (book and lecture)
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Unformatted text preview: Solomon Asch experiment (from lecture) Heuristic (Tversky and Kahneman, “Judgment under Uncertainty” – from lecture) Crisis management (and characteristics of a crisis that lead to poor decision making – lecture) Chapter 4: Social Theories Social theories Constructivism (including logic of consequences vs. logic of appropriateness) Logic of consequences vs. logic of appropriateness Postmodernism (and deconstructing language, subtext) Marxism ( including exploitation) Lenin’s theory of imperialism Peace studies Normative bias Mediation Citizen diplomacy Arbitration Fractionation and linkage (lecture) Militarism Positive peace Structural violence Nonviolence (definition; vs. pacifism; Gandhi) Gender gap in polls re military action Difference, liberal and postmodern feminism...
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