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In class labs - 3-21-10 IR C-1

In class labs - 3-21-10 IR C-1 - BUBL LINK title Renewable...

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Subject Guides NAME: __________Chaya Kamensky_________________________________ Browsing a Subject Guide Scout Archives title: Renewable Energy Policy Project Open Directory title: Windmill Construction Manual Searching a Subject Guide Scout Archives title: U.S. Department of Energy: Geothermal Technologies  Program  Open Directory title: Geothermal Energy Technology (GET) Navigating a Subject Guide
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Unformatted text preview: BUBL LINK title: Renewable energy Trailblazer Pages EERE title: K-12 Lesson Plans & Activities Using a Specialized Search Engine Source for Renewable Energy search name: "wind energy " "portland oregon" Source for Renewable Energy drill down name: http://www.AbundantRE.com Evaluating Web Pages Envirolink title: The coming energy revolution Envirolink date: Posted: 04 Jan 2008...
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