doreenb - 1 John was excited to start his first day of...

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not as eager. "Did I talk to him enough about what is expected of him? Did I tell him how he should behave? Did I visit his kindergarten enough times? Are his peers going to like him? Is he emotionally ready?" These are some of the questions that run through a parent's mind when sending their child to kindergarten. The transition from preschool to kindergarten is a difficult time in a child's and their family's life. There are many things which can be done in preparation for this transition with the help of teachers, families and students. The kindergarten transition is considered an important developmental milestone. The switch to kindergarten is a major change in the lives of, families, children, and professionals. Educators, communities, and schools must all work together to ensure a smooth transition for the child. It is very important for children to have a smooth transition into kindergarten because children, who experience early success, generally continue to show success in academic achievement and have social competence. Children who do not have a steady change have difficulty catching up to their classmates. Nearly half of all kindergarten teachers nationally report that fifty percent of children experience some degree of difficulty in the transition to formal schooling and sixteen percent face serious adjustment problems (McGann & Clark, 2007, 77). In order to help ease the transition process there are many things that teachers can take part in. It is a teacher's responsibility to help inform parents of the obstacles their children will face as well as set up an open line of communication with parents. Parents need to understand what will be expected of their children as well as how to facilitate the process of going into kindergarten. Unfortunately, ninety five percent of practices used by teachers to help facilitate
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doreenb - 1 John was excited to start his first day of...

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