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Johansonpaper - colorful dancing puppets that feed children...

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. A significant problem that has developed in the past decade that many have not noiced is the decline of creativity. Many parents have developed the beneficial habit of reading a bed time story to their children. Stories at their best allow children to create their own imaginative world where they recreate the events of the story being read . This allows the child to develop a habit of creativity which will help when they themselves try to read or write for the first time. Now we can understand the real problem behind sesame street. Instead of allowing a child to conjure his / her own world the creators of sesame street using different ethics of pop culture have created their own world filled with
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Unformatted text preview: colorful dancing puppets that feed children all they need , no thinking required. Sesame street robs children of their creativity. Many parents love Sesame Street because of the free time it affords them, a free babysitter is something many need. However a luxury Sesame Street may be, parents need to realize that their children are what take priority. Once children are introduced to the watching of Sesame street it is very hard to wean them off the seemingly harmless show. Parents must shelter their children from shoes such as Sesame street, that directly lead to child obesity, and the loss of creativity in children....
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