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p78_exercises-3_4 - oxidation states Assume the following...

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Unformatted text preview: oxidation states. Assume the following proportions of the states: Nickel Char’ge Proportions Found 0 0. I 7 + 2 0.35 + 3 0.33 +4 0. I 5 (a) Determine the cumulative distribution function of nickel charge. (b) Determine the mean and variance of the nickel charge. 3—49. The space shuttle flight control system called PASS (Primary Avionics Software Set) uses four independent com- puters working in parallel. At each critical step, the computers “vote” to determine the appropriate step. The probability that a computer will ask for a roll to the left when a roll to the right is appropriate is 0.0001. LetX denote the number of computers that vote for a left roll when a right roll is appropriate. What is the mean and variance of X ? 3—50. Trees are subjected to different levels of carbon dioxide atmosphere with 6% of the trees in a minimal growth Average Frequencies and Operations in TPCvC New Order Payment 44 4.2 3 Order Status 4 11.4 0 Delivery 5 ' 130 120 Stock Level 4 0 0 3—5 DISCRETE UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION The simplest discrete random variable is one that assumes only a finite number of possible values, each with equal probability. A random variable X that assumes each of the values , x", with equal probability 1 / n, is frequently of interest. X], X2, Discrete Uniform Distribution 78 CHAPTER 3 DISCRETE RANDOM VARIABLES AND PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS A random variable X has a discrete uniform distribution if each of the n values in its range, say, x1, x2, ... , xn, (has equal probability. Then, ' condition at- 350 parts per million (ppm), 10% at 450 ppm (slow growth), 47% at 550 ppm (moderate growth), and 37% ' at 650 ppm (rapid growth). What is the mean and standard deviation of the carbon dioxide atmosphere (in ppm) for these trees in ppm? 3—51. An article in the Journal of Database Management “Experimental Study of a Self-Tuning Algorithm for DBMS Buffer Pools,” (2005, Vol. 16, pp. 1—20) provided the workload - used in the TPC-C OLTP (Transaction Processing Performance ‘ Council’s Version C On-Line Transaction Processing) bench- mark, which simulates a typical order entry application. The frequency of each type of transaction (in the second col- umn) can be used as the percentage of each type of transac- tion. The average number of selects operations required for each type transaction is shown. (a) Determine the mean and standard deviation of the number of selects operations for a transaction from the distribution , of types shown in the table. (b).Deterrnine the mean and standard deviation of the total number of operations (selects, updates, . . . , and joins) for a transaction from the distribution of types shown in . the table. 0] 1 o 0.6 o 0 0 06 o“ o 10 o o 0 o o 1: flxi) = l/n (3-5) ...
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