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My First Semester in College

My First Semester in College - My First Semester in College...

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My First Semester in College Starting my fist semester in college, I was nervous and scared to go into it. I thought to myself, “that’s it I slacked off enough in high school, and I barely studied, I need to get my act together and start off strong”. Then PROMES held the 4.0 presentation, and I said to myself “o wooow I am going to study hard and follow this and I will do well in college”. The first two weeks or so, I was doing great. I studied hard, I got grades on my quizzes, and I was always prepared for pop quizzes. I never really followed the 4.0 program, even though I was planning to do it. I did read before and take the notes, but after a little bit, I just stopped and never went back to it. But honestly, I definitely found the 4.0 program very useful, at least the few weeks that I used it. Last semester I was antisocial, and I did not make too many friends. Therefore I never had study groups especially that I did not live on campus and I live in Katy which is a forty minute drive. I only studied with a couple of friends, but not a lot only a few times. Now when I
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